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Enzo Alves Vieira: my passion since I was born

Enzo Alves Vieira
Enzo Alves Vieira @enzoalvesv | Photo by Nicolas Gerardin  @nicolasgerardin

Enzo Alves Vieira let us know what that passion that moved him since he was born is like and has not stopped ever since. But this young athlete also opened up like never before to share with the world what it is like being the son of a living legend in sports, his upcoming professional projects, life as he sees it, and many more.

Therefore, we invite you to know better the joyful and kind person Enzo Alves Vieira is in this exclusive interview for Vanity Teen.

Enzo Alves Vieira
Enzo Alves Vieira | Photo by Group Doze @groupdoze

My passion since I was born

VT: Your father, Marcelo Vieira, is one of the most popular athletes in the world. How does that impact your life? How did you realize he was a global phenomenon?

EAV: I’ve grown up on the field with my dad. Since I was a little kid, I’ve lived
everything with him, like going to his practices every weekend, going to games, Champions League finals, traveling to world cups, and meeting the best players in the world. That has always been my natural environment. I’m aware that all this has given me the chance to live unique experiences that not everyone has had the privilege to have. And I think doing all this, having all these amazing experiences, has made me love soccer even more.

To be honest, my father winning his 23rd title last year impacted me a lot.
Seeing him as the soccer player with the most titles in the History of Real Madrid helped me realize how big my father really is. I used to see my father as one of the best left-backs in the world, but now, after winning his 25th title, I can see how important my dad is in the history of Soccer and how big his legacy really is.

VT: What does soccer mean to you?

EAV: Soccer has been my passion since I was born. Soccer, for me, has not just been a passion or a hobby. For me, football is a way of life. It makes me happy, sad at times, and proud. And it has taught me to be perseverant and disciplined in my day-to-day. I see Soccer as something unique that brings people together regardless of their culture, socioeconomic background, or any other thing. In a stadium, followers are equal and share the same passion and happiness in a game.

VT: How about Real Madrid? Are you excited to be part of that Club?

EAV: Yes, I´m really excited to be part of Real Madrid. With all the things I have lived next to my dad, playing for Real Madrid and honoring my Club have become a great part of who I am today.

Enzo Alves Vieira
Enzo Alves Vieira | Photo by Group Doze

Be authentic

VT: Since sports is a demanding career, how does your family help you stay focused and with both feet on earth?

EAV: Since I was very young, my mom taught me the importance of being organized, managing my own planner, routine timetables, and school work independently.

I don’t have a lot of free time, and I realize being organized is key. So, I can manage everything I have and be focused on my priorities. My mom and dad are always there, supporting me in the good and bad times, teaching me new things, correcting me when I’m wrong, and most importantly, reminding me to always be myself, be authentic, and not change because of others.

VT: What is it like for you to be Spanish and have Brazilian roots? How do you celebrate your diversities?

EAV: My family and roots are Brazilian. I was born and raised in Spain. And currently, I am attending an International school. So, I value diversity, and it is natural to me. I have friends from all over the world (Brazil, Colombia, USA, China, Emirates…), I travel a lot, and home to me are both places: Brazil and Spain. Having two nationalities is cool because even though I was born in Spain and live here, I also celebrate my Brazilian traditions and holidays, speak different languages, have that Brazilian happiness in me, and enjoy both perspectives.

I celebrate Brazilian traditions such as Festa Junina, Carnaval, and The Easter Bunny. We integrate Spanish and Brazilian customs at home and celebrate Christmas by mixing the best of both worlds. Santa Claus comes to my house, and we also write a letter to the “Reyes Magos” (the three wise men) and eat the very typically Spanish “Roscón de Reyes.” I truly enjoy traditional celebrations with my family at home.

VT: Talking about diversities. Would you like to tell us what DOZE is and what is your relationship with this group?

EAV: Group Doze is a group created by my dad and my uncle. It has different Business lines seeking the achievement of high performance in sports.

Doze Football is dedicated to the sports sector through career management, buying and selling players, and offering soccer education. Doze Media explores digital products and entertainment related to fashion, music, and lifestyle.

My relationship with this group is amazing because I have the best people I could have looking after my career. They are supporting me in every step, advising me, searching for the best opportunities I could have, and teaching me how to deal with any difficulties in my life that could interfere with my career. I have trustworthy people who have much more experience than I do. They are helping me and teaching me what they have learned in their professional careers.

Enzo Alves Vieira
Enzo Alves Vieira | Photo by Group Doze

Don’t be afraid

VT: Besides soccer, which other passions do you have?

EAV: Generally, I have a big passion for sports like basketball, American Football, and footvolley. I love watching the NFL and the NBA. I’m also passionate about traveling and discovering new things and places.

VT: Which plans do you have for the future?

EAV: Playing with the Real Madrid professional team, working hard to achieve important awards for my club. I also want to be able to help people around the world and call attention to people in need, being for them in critical situations.

VT: Thinking about how sports have shaped your life, what message do you have for those who might be thinking about starting to work out or would like to join a sports club?

EAV: A message I have for people who want to join sports clubs is: don’t be afraid to try new things; if you mess up on the field, you can always practice and practice until you get it right, don’t give up until you get what you want!

VT: Anything else you would like to share with Vanity Teen?

EAV: I would like to encourage my generation to follow their dreams and work with passion.

Enzo Alves Vieira
Enzo Alves Vieira | Photo by Group Doze

Before we go

When Enzo Alves Vieira says that soccer has been his passion since he was born, he does not only talks about the sports competition per se but the values he is receiving from his loved ones. He cherishes the wise words of his mother and the intangible legacy his father has given him. The love of that sport is making him a better person while bringing joy to many people who vividly assume the highs and lows of Real Madrid as an honestly personal part of their lives.

So, in the same ways we share the colors of our teams with pride and love, let us remember this conversation with a young Enzo Alves Vieira that invites us to stay focused on what we want, no matter how many tries we have to do. And, at the time, let us celebrate we are as plural as multicultural, and we can find support and acceptance in those who do not see a divided world but see people who deserve kindness.


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