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David Lynch Will Publish Memoirs to Defend Himself David Lynch Will Publish Memoirs to Defend Himself Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

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David Lynch Will Publish Memoirs to Defend Himself

[iframe id=””]The popular filmmaker David Lynch is tired of everything published about him in books and on the Internet, which according to him presents him as a twisted character that has nothing to do with reality. For this reason, he has just announced that he is working on Life & Work, an autobiography centered on his experiences and his work.

But it seems that not everything will focus on his memoirs, as there will also be a series of reflections shown in interviews done with close friends and the author himself. No doubt that this is the only way to defend himself against “all the shit that is published about me”, according to his writing, and have a single place to find reliable information about him.

According to a communication from the publisher that launched the book in the United Kingdom, he only accepted a meeting with the journalist Kristine McKenna. He was only willing to talk to her because of her good work and impartiality. She is also the one in charge of doing interviews with his friends. In total, almost 100 people have been contacted to produce this book.

How many readers will this book reach? And more importantly, how many of them will believe what is said in the book? We’ll have to wait until it is released to the public to discover their reactions. For the moment, followers of this peculiar person, for better or worse, are waiting for the third part of his mythical series Twin Peaks, which launched him to fame and will soon celebrate 25 years since its debut. Perhaps this is the reason they have postponed the launch of the third part, now that instead of 2016 we will have to wait until 2017, when the book will also be released. Marketing strategy, or coincidence? Another question that no doubt surrounds the figure of David Lynch.

This will not, however, be Lynch’s first book. In 2007, he published a work in which he shared his system of creativity, based on comparing the search for ideas with scuba diving. This book, Catching the Big Fish, is also available in Spanish under the title Atrapa el pez dorado. For the moment we don’t know if Life & Work will be available in Spanish, if so, when.

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