D4M $LOAN: The King of West Philly giving the new Swagg Talk to Hip-Hop D4M $LOAN: The King of West Philly giving the new Swagg Talk to Hip-Hop Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

D4M $LOAN: The King of West Philly giving the new Swagg Talk to Hip-Hop

D4M $LOAN’s @d4msloan singular and fresh musical signature results in an empowering, hard-hitting, and innovative Hip-Hop marked by a grizzly voice and freestyle that surpasses the beat of any song. Coupled with the beat of his hits, D4M $LOAN shows us that his very soul has just begun to do the “Swagg talk” and has a lot to bring to the table of the Hip-Hop scene. We have not yet heard the full extent of what the King of West Philly wants to pass on to us. An original musical language that speaks to us from his heart, transmitting emotions, stories, reflections, and a good flow that connects our souls.

We had the pleasure of speaking with D4M $loan, who shared with us about his beginnings in music, fashion, upcoming projects and the future of Hip-Hop.

Thank you D4M $loan for being a milestone in the music scene.

Exclusive for Vanity Teen!

VT: Hi DM4 $loan, a pleasure to have the King of Philly exclusively with us here at Vanity Teen, how are you?

D4M $loan: What’s the deal VT, I can’t complain. I’m good it’s a pleasure to be here thanks for having me.

VT: 2022 was a pretty good year for you, with a lot of accomplishments and growth in various fields beyond music, now that 2022 ended, how do you feel ’22 treated you?

D4M $loan: 2022 has been an amazing year I’m truly grateful for every blessing that came my way but the world hasn’t seen nonthing yet just stay tuned I’m coming way harder 2023.

VT: It is clear that the title of the King of Philadelphia is well deserved, as your popular and viral style is described as something that has never been seen before, not even in the artists of the 90’s, ’00s, being the trendsetter of a new wave of TrapRock x Jersey Club music genre. How did you come to develop that unique style, that grizzly voice and particular sound of pure swag that hypnotizes?

D4M $loan: Me & My Homie D4M Skiano Who Passed Away Created the style together it came along from us being our selves around each other in studio giving the music a whole different Swagg with grizzly voice but I like to give the sound more Swagg by making sure my voice and sound over powers & sound better then beat

VT: What Inspired you to start making music at first?

D4M $loan: Lil Wayne’s lollipop song & Biggie & Tupac were the first inspirations but what really inspired me is the passing of my homie Tamir this was his dream as well as mine but his death motivated me to go harder

VT: How did you grow up discovering music?

D4M $loan: From my mom’s CD collection where I discovered Biggie & Tupac as well as Michael Jackson. 

VT: What would you say was the first moment when you felt like you could do this rap thing at a high level?

D4M $loan: When I seen how my peers reacted to my music and seeing other young rappers my age take it to the next level. That really showed me I could take it to the next level too. 

VT: Tell us a little bit more about your hometown. Tell us about West Philly and how it has influenced your music.

D4M $loan: I’m from a neighborhood in West Philly called 59th & Master it was alot of ups & downs growing up there. Philly is a tough, competitive city that taught me that if I want to be a rap star I must relentlessly go after my dream! This is the reason I go so hard making music because I have a lot of goals I want to accomplish in music. 

On Music

VT: Where do you find the energy/inspiration to get personal in your raps?

D4M $loan: I get energy and inspiration from the trauma & losses that I’ve experienced over the years in my life. I like to express myself in my music. Sometimes I don’t just go in studio trying to make the perfect hit song. I go to express myself. 

VT: How do you get inspiration for your songs? Could you take us through how you go about writing a song?

D4M $loan: It’s usually different every time it’s never really the same process. It depends on how I’m feeling when I hear the beat. I feel my way through every song. This allows me to write without creative limitations. 

VT:  You released a new single, Purple Lazy, what’s your approach with this crazy banger?

 D4M $loan: I Recorded Purple Lazy in LA at the producer of the beat “CashMoneyAP” studio. He played the beat and I started freestyling the first 2 lines and the room loved the approach so I ended up freestyling the whole song & it came out dope. 

VT: Last year you released your first album “Full Moon“. From some of the tracks it contains, such as F#Ck Ughh, Whip out da Pot 3, and Avenger, I imagine that making it was a somewhat cathartic experience for you. What would you tell us about the development and release of “Full Moon”?  

 D4M $loan: Well Full Moon was my first solo project that I recorded over a year time frame & it was a great body of work with no skips. That was me showing the fans I can do this after the passing of my brother/ duo partner because when he passed a lot of people lost faith in this whole thing including me but Full Moon proved to myself and everybody it ain’t over. Wait until the world here my next official project. 

VT: You made the leap from the stage to the small screen by playing Darnell in the reboot of Peacock’s Bel-Air, a more serious version of the original series. What motivated you to enter the entertainment industry and why did you accept the role?

D4M $loan: I’ve always wanted to be on tv as an actor and expand my talents. Growing up seeing other rap artists like 50 cent, DMX , & 2pac expand over to tv and movies was all the motivation I needed. I’m just an all around entertainer so I was excited to take on the role of Darnell in Bel Air. Big shout out to Morgan Cooper and the Bel Air team for casting me for the role. 

VT: I understand that soon we will see you on the big screen, could you tell us about it?

 D4M $loan: I have a starring role as the main villain in a movie titled Old Head that’s directed & written by Tony Chennault with distribution on Apex Media. I started and finished filming in June 2022 and the movie is now in post-production. Old Head is scheduled to premiere sometime in 2023 so stay tuned. 

VT: Is there a project/song that you’re particularly proud of?

D4M $loan: I wouldn’t say I have one yet but I feel like my next project I’m releasing I’ll be super proud of with the finished product. 

VT: Who are your musical inspirations?

 D4M $loan: My Brother D4M Skiano is like my top musical inspiration right now but as of other mainstream artists I’m inspired by everyone who came in the game creating their own lane it’s inspiring to see that happen. 

VT: Some get to know you thanks to Swagg Talk, while others with Tweakin Again and Chewbopland. For one to get into your unique style of music, what song should they listen to first and why?

D4M $loan: I Feel like they should listen to Swagg Talk & Tweaking Again because both songs give you a different ear on my creativity from flow switching to beat tempo changes. 

VT: Is there a kind of record that you’d like to make but still haven’t been able to?

D4M $loan: A true pain record & love record really expressing my feelings not holding nothing back. 

VT: If you could create your dream song, what would it sound like and who would you feature on it? 

D4M $loan: I would have to say probably a crazy club record with Missy Elliot and Busta Rhymes on it that would go crazy I’m going to make that happen. 

VT: Let’s talk about this new chapter in your career, the signing deal with AWAL Sony? Did you see that huge milestone coming?

 D4M $loan: Yes I seen that coming a long time ago, it was only a matter of time. My business manager Rasheen Farlow created a brand strategy designed to put me in position to sign a major partnership deal in 2022. We spent the the past two years releasing good music, assembling an elite team and building great Industry relationships.  

VT: Who’s your favorite hip-hop artist and why?

  D4M $loan: D4M Skiano because we was like the same people in different body’s and we gave eachother crazy energy & motivation in the studio. I feel like he was one of the greatest to ever do it. 

VT: What new projects are you currently working on?

D4M $loan: Right now I’m actively dropping singles but I might drop a EP in March or April 2023. 

VT: How would you describe the role of hip hop in youth culture in the current context?

D4M $loan: The role of hip hop has a big impact on youth culture with fashion , social media, lifestyle etc it can go either way positively or negative

VT: What is a typical day in the life of $loan like?

D4M $loan: The typical day in the life of $loan is me working out ,shopping, in studio and figuring out ways to elevate it’s a repetitive lifestyle. 

VT: Your opinion on the future of Hip Hop?

 D4M $loan: Just watch me! That’s my answer to that question haha. 

VT: What are you currently listening to?

D4M $loan: If you look in my playlist lately I’ve been listening to lil poppa , Giveon, burnaboy ,young thug, future)

On Fashion

VT: From your looks on and off stage, it’s clear that you have the “Swagg talk”, a passion for fashion. Last year you attended both editions of New York Fashion Week, both as a guest and as a performer. How would you describe your NYFW experience? 

D4M $loan: My NYFW experience was thanks to NYC Fashion Icon Mykel C. Smith who created my entire NYFW experience itinerary. I can’t wait to experience NYFW 2023. 

VT: How would you describe D4M $loan’s fashion style?

 D4M $loan: As I always say, I just give Swagg that’s all. No particular style. 

VT: DM4 $loan’s favorite brands?

D4M $loan: There’s so many great brands I enjoy. I don’t really have a favorite and I don’t want to miss any of them but if you spot me wearing any brand while performing, in my music videos or social media 10/10 they’re one of my favorite brands. 

VT: A brand you would like to collaborate with, why, and what concept would you put in if you could do the music for the campaign?

D4M $loan: Probably Moncler & I don’t really want to say the concept because I feel it’s a masterpiece. If I don’t put it in play with Moncler I’ll end up doing it with my own brand..So if you see this Moncler let’s set up the meeting ASAP!!!

VT: What do you think is the relationship between hip-hop and fashion?

D4M $loan: Hip Hop connects fashion to pop culture globally. Hip Hop culture make fashion stand out in their lyrics, music videos, social media, red carpet appearances etc. in a way that no other music genre does for fashion brands. Hip Hop has created more global fashion trends than any other music genre. Hip Hop artist love to showcase their creativity through fashion, myself included. 

VT: Any favorite accessories when it comes to getting on stage?

  D4M $loan: No not really I don’t have a favorite accessory all I need is perfectly working microphone & I’ll be happy… and probably black sunglasses at a night show because those phone lights from crowd be bright

VT: Will fans be getting $loan merch soon? A hoodie or cap with “Swagg Talk“, “Vogue Love” “Tweakin Again” or “Purple Lazy” would be hype.

D4M $loan: yes I’m actually working on that right now it has to be there perfect swagg before I present it


VT: With technology at hand, it’s easier for people to make their own music and record it. For those who are making music and trying to make a name for themselves, what advice do you have?

D4M $loan: I would say, keep goin’ and be as unique as possible. Be yourself and make sure you’re super comfortable with the music you put out there and it’ll all workout 

VT: What would you say to young people who aspire to follow in your footsteps?

 D4M $loan: I would tell them I love them & they motivate me to keep going as much as I motivate them. 

VT: In this new chapter of your career, what will we see next from D4M $loan?

D4M $loan: A lot more music dropping and some big features just stay tuned. I’m coming way harder in 2023 I promise. 

VT: To close the interview, if there’s anything you’d like to say, make a statement you’d like to close with, the space is yours:

D4M $loan: I would like to say thank you to all my supporters who’ve been rocking with me so hard these past few years. It’s been a roller coaster but it’s going to all be worth it & if you’re a new eye looking at this I go by D4M $loan you can find me on every platform. Tune in, leave a comment and tell me what you think about my music. 

Creative Direction & Styling:
Mykel C. Smith @Mykel_C_Smith_Creative
Rico Kinnard @Ricokinnard
Ebone Alloway  @Absolutelyfab1
Assistant Styling:
Joseph Smith @Lord_Of_Labels
BTS Director:
Courtney Fields  @Courtotha
BTS Assistant  Director:
Justin Lyles @Dutchmastered
Christina Fonseca @Passportpublicist
Brand President:
Rasheen Farlow @Rasheenfarlow
Road Management
Johnny @Youngrisktake
Labels: Sony @Sony-Awal @Awal
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