Art Basel 2023: Spotlight on Jacqueline de Jong's Defining Works from the 1960s Art Basel 2023: Spotlight on Jacqueline de Jong's Defining Works from the 1960s Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Art Basel 2023: Spotlight on Jacqueline de Jong’s Defining Works from the 1960s

Art Basel 2023 is set to host an exhibition of Jacqueline de Jong’s influential works from the 1960s, courtesy of the Pippy Houldsworth Gallery. The spotlight is on this pivotal decade that saw de Jong move away from the Situationist International, marking her significant cultural contributions as a woman in the then male-dominated avant-garde art scene.

An Insight into de Jong’s Diverse Painting Practice

The exhibition will feature a collection of rare early pieces, some of which have been held privately for years. These works offer a unique insight into de Jong’s diverse painting practice, a practice that has earned her global recognition, including solo shows at renowned institutions and an upcoming exhibition at NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale in 2024.

An Independent Voice in the Parisian Art Scene

During the 1960s, de Jong relocated to Paris where she befriended German artists and delved into the theories of the Situationist International. Her independent spirit saw her publish The Situationist Times, a publication that challenged the group’s own magazine. The exhibition will also showcase archival materials, including copies of her journal and protest posters.

Provocative Themes and Figurations

de Jong’s distinct style marries monstrous figurations with themes of eroticism, death, and violence, reflecting her signature dark humor. The exhibition features notable works such as “Til Akke,” dedicated to Asger Jorn, and the dynamic “Accidental and Suicidal Paintings,” which encapsulates the spirit of the sexual revolution. It further delves into de Jong’s exploration of mass media’s impact through her TV Drawings, culminating with the Erotic Paintings series, which showcases her response to the changing social landscape.

“Jacqueline de Jong: 1960s” will be on display at Art Basel 2023 from June 15-18. For further information on the festival’s schedule, interested parties are advised to visit Art Basel’s website.

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