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Top 3 K-pop Tracks of June 2022

It’s officially summertime, and everyone from rookie voices to pristine K-pop singers is going all-in. As we enter the second wave of upbeat energy that one might expect from the summer months, these tracks in particular succeeded in living up to a beloved seasonal era of music. 

During this peak moment of feel-good music, the tenacity of SECRET NUMBER is displayed in the truest form possible, DAWN has brings back a necessary and nostalgic rock-twinged sound, and SUNMI perfects a timeless Fleetwood Mack inspiration, so it’s safe to say June covered all our playlist needs.


SECRET NUMBER is a group that knows how to stick a landing – offering genuine hit after hit (even while being fiercely underrated by mainstream audiences.) When the group recently re-debuted as a seven-member unit, their charismatic pop track “Fire Saturday” was a sweet, fitting introduction to the group. “DOOMCHITA” on the other hand emphasizes every asset all seven women provide, with a track that is easily on par with gutsy K-pop legends. 

If you haven’t checked out “DOOMCHITA” you’re sleeping on one of the best tracks of the year, because sometimes music is best when it’s about a proper combination of confidence and letting loose. 

DAWN: “Stupid Cool” 

DAWN is someone that has a very unique sound that can’t be placed into one box (nor should anyone even try) which is what makes each song in his discography a treasure. His new comeback titled “Stupid Cool” goes as far as confirming that he has maintained that ability through visuals and sound, if not having perfected his artistry. 

“Stupid Cool” plays with some fun brass instrumental additions to its dance-heavy chorus, with witty verses that prove he doesn’t have to rely on the repetition of a chorus either. Between the music video and strictly the track, DAWN appears to be the happiest we’ve seen and we love that for him! 

SUNMI: “Heart Burn”

If you’re someone who enjoys a more nostalgic, introspective summertime anthem, SUNMI has totally enlivened the industry with the energy we didn’t know we needed. Her recent title track “Heart Burn” uses a 70’s hypnotic band sound with the softer side of her vocals, tapping into her unwavering ability to put power behind the correct moments. 

Her style for this era goes hand in hand with the current influences she’s thriving in, making this one of SUNMI’s best surprises yet. She might be the queen of everything K-pop, but she’s STILL finding ways to keep us guessing, so you know this one is a must-listen! 

Honorable Mentions: 

KARD: “Ring The Alarm” 

You can’t pass up a KARD release, and their new single “Ring The Alarm” feels like the happiest moment of the month by far. Getting to see J.seph return to complete the irreplaceable co-ed concoction made this track another summery sound to keep you moving! 

Youngjae: “SUGAR”

Our recent cover star Youngjae is currently going through a lot of highs in his career – but none as wonderful as the total sugar high of the singer-songwriter’s newest single. Getting to see Youngjae expand his solo pop music repertoire has been exciting, but to drop a huge hit after the major GOT7 reunion shows he’s actively living life to the fullest. 

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