Tokyo's Cult-Favorite Brand 'grounds' Unleashes Futuristic FW23-24 Footwear Collection Tokyo's Cult-Favorite Brand 'grounds' Unleashes Futuristic FW23-24 Footwear Collection Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Tokyo’s Cult-Favorite Brand ‘grounds’ Unleashes Futuristic FW23-24 Footwear Collection

An intriguing blend of urban luxury and wild inspiration makes a bold fashion statement.

Tokyo’s trailblazing fashion powerhouse, grounds, unveils its cutting-edge footwear collection for Fall/Winter 2023-2024. Blending futuristic aesthetics with the savage beauty of the Faroe Islands, this tantalizing line of nine designs takes the brand’s quintessential essence on a journey from glimmering city lights to the untamed wilderness.

An Artful Collaboration

In a masterstroke of collaboration, the collection features the ground Jewelry shoe, a conceptual triumph crafted by designer Bernhard Willhelm. This season’s offerings delve deep into the enigmatic intersection of city-slick luxury and rustic wildness, seeking to harmoniously marry these contrasting worlds within each shoe.

Determined to redefine the norm, grounds persistently pushes the envelope, transforming the footwear landscape with its intricate, audacious designs. A step away from the familiar, this collection takes the road less traveled by introducing elevated uppers, adding an extra flair to their signature bubble outsole.

The Season’s Standouts

The collection’s crowning glories are the hand-knitted boots, puffed ballet shoes, and quilted bags – a brilliant amalgamation of artisanal luxury and the iconic grounds outsole. The flocked pieces in the line exude an air of opulence, providing the shoes with an intimate connection to the age-old artistry of shoemaking.

This groundbreaking collection from grounds is a testament to the endless possibilities when futuristic design meets the raw beauty of nature.

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