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Territory by José Luis Ángel

Photographer José Luis Ángel @joseluisangelpz presents this fashion editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online with the model Sagrado Hernández @aka_sagrado represented by MM Runway @mmrunway.

The model Sagrado Hernandez has done some amazing things such as walking in New York’s Fashion Week runway, he has also worked for Dolce&Gabbana in one of their fashion shows, a campaign for C&A named Love for Mexico, a Taff campaign and cover magazine 192. 

This editorial was inspired by the farming life. “The main idea was to work with the deers and farm animals, to create a connection between them and the model. The results were favorable, just what I had in mind,” says the photographer.

For this editorial José Luis Ángel used a Canon 6d II and a light bouncer, and it took place at a farm in Los Altos de Jalisco, Mexico, using garments from various brands such as Dior, American Eagle, Top Man and Zara. 

With an intention of transmitting masculinity, simplicity and beauty, the photographer completely achieved it, creating a very strong fashion editorial with a strong personality. “It definitely reflects my style, every time I start an editorial, I tend to be clean, artistic and simple,” he says.

“I am certain that if I have any merits, it is knowing how to make Good use of my eyes, to guide the cameras in its task of capturing not only colors, light and shadows, but the movement of life itself.”

Gabriel Figueroa 

The model was very happy and he felt really powerful when working next to a deer, lucky and enthusiastic for working again with the photographer who discovered him as a model.

Model Sagrado Hernández @aka_sagrado represented by MM Runway @mmrunway photographed by José Luis Ángel @joseluisangelpz makeup by Milly Navarro, assistants Alejandro Guzman and Trini Santos, created in Jalisco, Mexico. Exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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