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Haute Couture Paris

Schiaparelli Spring/Summer 2021 Collection

SCHIAPARELLI @schiaparelli presents its Spring/Summer 2021 collection during Haute Couture Paris 2021. This collection, as creative director Daniel Roseberry says, questions what couture is and what it should be.

“For my third collection for Schiaparelli, I wanted to challenge the idea of what couture is, and should be, by making clothes that respect the tradition of not only this Maison but the artistry behind it, while at the same time exploding the cliches associated with the genre.”

Daniel Roseberry

There is no doubt what this collection aims at, with new silhouettes and elements to play with that definition of haute couture, leaving the traditional silhouettes of couture to reinvent and adapt them to Roseberry’s vision.

“I wanted to take pieces that aren’t “supposed” to be shown in this context—pants, for example; a bomber jacket—and invite people to see them anew.”

Daniel Roseberry

The techniques and fabrics used are used in a new way as well: an elastic waist in a pair of blouson leather pants, a pair of denim jeans reimagined in stonewashed silk duchess and embellished with dangling gold padlocks. The fabrics include overdyed silk faille, molded leather, and crisp dry hand taffeta, silk-velvet bonded to neoprene, and a column gown draped in sinuous silk jersey. 

The word “magic” is often used when discussing couture. And it is magical. But behind the magic is a human hand and a human dedication. This collection is a tribute to both the work behind the magic—and the magic itself.

Daniel Roseberry

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