Messi Scores A Goal With Inter Miami: The Golden Reunion with Beckham Messi Scores A Goal With Inter Miami: The Golden Reunion with Beckham Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Messi Scores A Goal With Inter Miami: The Golden Reunion with Beckham

Lionel Messi, the Argentine wizard of the beautiful game, bids his farewell to Paris Saint-Germain and the French Ligue 1. His next big move? The sun-kissed shores of Miami, as he unites with his compatriot and former football superstar, David Beckham, at Inter Miami.

Sourced from the authoritative wealth trackers at Forbes, and substantiated by seasoned Argentine sports journalist, Hernán Castillo, it seems set that Messi has agreed to a four-year term with Inter Miami, a club playing in Major League Soccer (MLS). The annual salary is reported to be €5000, a number modest by Messi’s standards, yet indicative of the growth and increasing appeal of MLS. And as fate would have it, among Inter Miami’s roster of shareholders is none other than Beckham, thereby paving the way for a golden reunion between two football legends.

Messi’s Surprising Detour Amid High-Priced Offers and a Potential Barcelona Return

Messi’s departure from Paris and choice to venture into the MLS was not without its twists and turns. Initially, it was widely speculated that Messi would be lured by a hefty contract offered by Al-Hilal in Saudi Arabia. Barcelona, his former club, also showed its desire to woo him back. However, constraints led to delays, leaving Messi’s team to carefully weigh their options. The surprising decision? Joining forces with Inter Miami, effectively bringing a breath of fresh air to his illustrious career.

Apple in the Spotlight: From MLS Season Pass to Messi’s Docuseries

This move amplifies the value of an MLS Season Pass subscription, available via Apple TV Plus, making it an irresistible choice for a global audience. It’s a masterstroke, as soccer fans might typically fixate on the significant leagues in Europe.

Adding to the intrigue, on June 6th, Apple announced a four-part docuseries featuring Messi’s life and career on Apple TV Plus. Could this have been a foreshadowing of his upcoming move?

Recently, Apple has proven to be a formidable player in the soccer universe. Besides its MLS deal and a slew of documentaries, its major streaming success story, Ted Lasso, continues to gain momentum. With Messi’s former manager appearing in the third season of the show, one can’t help but wonder if we might see Messi flaunting his acting chops soon.

This Messi-to-Miami move proves that the world of soccer is always full of surprises, and this new chapter will undoubtedly keep fans worldwide on their toes.

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