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Louis Vuitton Unveils New ‘By The Pool’ Collection

Louis Vuitton has recently launched a new series dubbed “By The Pool,” drawing inspiration from traditional Portuguese tile elements and bathed in fresh, elegant hues. The collection centers on iconic prints from the resort line that narrate the leisurely and comfortable summer holidays. From classic handbags to lightweight apparel, the assortment brims with an elegant summer vitality.

The “By The Pool” series of accessories blends a variety of materials and styles. The Monogram floral pattern is presented on the surface of the items in a sky-blue hue, adding a creative interpretation to this classic element. The series includes a wide range of individual product categories. In addition to clothing, shoes, and handbags, it also encompasses accessories such as belts, square scarves, keychains, and hats, as well as lifestyle items like fitness mats, hammocks, water glasses, storage boxes, pillows, and racquets.

Available for purchase on the Louis Vuitton official website, the prices range from 1,850 to 375,000 RMB. Interested parties should keep a close eye for more information. This collection is a playful and refined celebration of the summer season, merging comfort, style, and the charm of a lazy summer day by the pool. It is indeed a tribute to the leisurely appeal and the refreshing spirit of the summer vacations.

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