LES BENJAMINS' "First Wave": A Fusion of Past and Future, East and East LES BENJAMINS' "First Wave": A Fusion of Past and Future, East and East Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

LES BENJAMINS’ “First Wave”: A Fusion of Past and Future, East and East

A Sartorial Odyssey from Earth’s Traditions to Outer Space Echoes

LES BENJAMINS unveils its Fall/Winter 2023 collection, elegantly termed “First Wave”, inviting aficionados into a realm where earthly conventions morph into captivating abstract designs.

Deeply rooted in the brand’s DNA, the collection effortlessly blends the avant-garde of futuristic sci-fi and gaming with the nostalgic touch of Eastern motifs, prominently the iconic LES BENJAMINS carpet monogram. It paints a picture of a future where Earth’s past is revered, even when its denizens have ventured beyond.

Yet, the narrative doesn’t end there. In an adventurous stride, LES BENJAMINS extends its wings to South Korea. Bünyamin Aydin crafts a bridge not just between two cities, Istanbul and Seoul, but cultures and the evolution of youth expression. In collaboration with EMPTY, a standout Korean retail concept store, LES BENJAMINS is staging a Pop-up. Perfectly timed with the acclaimed Frieze Art Fair season, this partnership promises to magnetize a global audience, pioneering a connection between the Middle East and South Korea in the fashion realm.

“First Wave” coupled with the South Korean foray signifies the inception of an exciting chapter in Middle Eastern style narratives.

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