Heidi Klum on James Corden: I was too happy and curvy for model agencies Heidi Klum on James Corden: I was too happy and curvy for model agencies Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Heidi Klum on James Corden: I was too happy and curvy for model agencies

The internationally famous supermodel, Heidi Klum, was once again invited to The Late Late Show with James Corden to talk about her life, career, family, and upcoming projects. 

Klum, who was Victoria’s Secret angel and the cover model for Sports Illustrated, Elle, and Vogue, opened up to Corden about her struggles in the fashion industry for having a happy and energetic personality. Not only her positivity was unappreciated for most of the runways and magazines, but her weight and measurements were considered “too curvy” for a model of the time.

“I started in 1992, and that was the time of what they called the “heroin chic”. The thinner you were or the more you were hanging around in poses, the better it was” she explained.

The heroin chic was a style popularized in the ’90s where the goal for female models was to be extremely skinny, pale, and ill-looking, just like heroin or drug addicts. Heidi recalled not being able to follow the trend and having trouble in photoshoots and castings where she would be pointed to as “too happy”. 

“That was really in at the time, and I was also too curvy. That was just not working. I loved food too much!” Klum exclaimed. “That was my problem” Corden joked. 

In spite of having a rough start in the industry, Klum shared her enthusiasm about her daughter Leni becoming a successful supermodel at 17. Mother and daughter posed for the 2021 January and February issue of Vogue magazine, which in a way represented Heidi handing over the stick. 

“What advice do you give her for navigating that industry or world?” Corden asked.“To be happy. To like the person you see in the mirror. Don’t let anyone tell you what you should do, if you don’t like it, just don’t do it, it’s okay to say no.” Klum replied.

In addition, James and Heidi addressed the two TV shows where she is host: America’s Got Talent and Making the Cut. Both emphasized how talent has skyrocketed on AGT due to lockdown and the excitement surrounding the new contestants. 

“Do you think the pandemic and the time we’ve all had at home has helped people discover new talent?” Corden asked.

“I feel people got bored and they came up with the craziest things. I’ve seen crazier things this year than I have ever seen” Klum answered. 

She concluded her interview by explaining how the second season of Making the Cut will challenge new fashion designers to create high fashion clothes that can also be worn by normal people. The seasons of Making the Cut can be watched on Amazon Prime, whereas America’s Got Talent can be seen on the NBC channel.

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