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Yehor by Francesco Maggiore Yehor by Francesco Maggiore Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine


Yehor by Francesco Maggiore

Milan-based fashion photographer Francesco Maggiore @Francisco_major decided to create this editorial exclusively for Vanity Teen online by telling the story of a man that is overwhelmed by the problems of life when he drags with him moments of disappointment, despair, loneliness, and anger in order not to find the strength to survive and go on without collapsing.

“I was inspired by the story of a very dear friend of mine Amal and by that of many other people who, like her, are looking for new hope, a fulfilling life.”

Francesco Maggiore

The photographer worked with the model Yehor Perets @pro100yehor2000 represented by URBN Models @urbnmodels using a Nikon d600 with a 24-120mm lens shot in a photo studio in Milan, and he states that he prefers to “leave it to the viewer to decide how to end this story with a free interpretation.”

“Through these images, I want to give a message to never lose the strength and the hope of looking forward even when we have to deal with our weaknesses, our frailties, and also the loneliness that all this can bring a destructive malaise to our existence,” states Francesco.

The beauty team did a laborious work to create this particular atmosphere that perfectly showcases the vibes of the photographer’s idea. The makeup was work of Noemi Auetasc @noemiauetasc, who was assisted by Lorenzo Stella @lorenzostellamua, and in charge of the styling was Luigi Nisi @jolly_gi91, who was assisted by Josè Sanfilippo @__saintphilippe. The clothes and accessories are from Tom Rebl @tomrebl.

Model Yehor Perets @pro100yehor2000 represented by URBN Models @urbnmodels photographed by Francesco Maggiore @Francisco_major makeup by Noemi Auetasc @noemiauetasc assisted by Lorenzo Stella @lorenzostellamua styling by Luigi Nisi @jolly_gi91 assisted by Josè Sanfilippo @__saintphilippe clothes and accessories by Tom Rebl @tomrebl. Exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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