XIMONLEE Spring/Summer 2024 Collection XIMONLEE Spring/Summer 2024 Collection Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

XIMONLEE Spring/Summer 2024 Collection

A harmonious blend of celebration and liberation.

Pushing Boundaries with Fashion

Unveiled at Paris Fashion Week, XIMONLEE’s latest collection for Spring/Summer 2024 breaks free from the confines of traditional evening wear. Drawing inspiration from a wide array of sources, including the elegance and mystery of “Last Year in Marienbad” and the vibrant street styles of buzzing metropolitan cities, the collection pushes the envelope of fashion.

A Journey Beyond Gender Identities

By wholeheartedly embracing both ends of the spectrum, XIMONLEE embarks on an invigorating journey toward creating an experimental wardrobe. The result is a collection that transcends gender identities, showcasing a balanced fusion of celebration and liberation. This collection not only challenges the normative constraints of fashion but also celebrates the fluidity and freedom inherent in modern style.

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