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True Blue by Fernando Bruno

Photographer Fernando Bruno @picusgram works as a product and packaging development designer for an important Argentine company called BLUESTARGROUP, but his side hustle as a photographer got him a spot among Argentina A-List artists like Ca7riel, Dani Umpi and playwright Silvio Lang. He worked with the gorgeous model and influencer Jeronimo Guez @jereguez represented by Seagencia @seagencia, a popular model with a commercial profile that never posed with artistic makeup before to create this beautiful editorial exclusively for Vanity Teen online!

“In my role as a photographer I really wanted to create an editorial shoot with an organic style, not as much FX regarding makeup,” says the photographer. “I was aiming to shoot the model in the most honest way according to his natural essence. We ended up deciding to get together at my studio located in the historical San Telmo neighborhood where we used natural lighting combined with a VSCO studio flash and a 600D Canon camera with an 18-55 lens.”

“Our intention with the pictures was to showcase the model’s emotions during the experience of being portrayed in an intimate setting, which made us style the model with his own underwear and avoid props or anything that felt unnatural.” In charge of the marvelous makeup was Shaul Rivas @shaulrivas, an amazing Venezuelan makeup artist located in Buenos Aires. He’s an ambassador for the Kryolan makeup brand, who also dictates highly attended workshops and works among popular artists like Nathy Peluso, Femigangsta and Naomi Preizler.

“When we got together with Shaul and Jeronimo we had a very clear vision of setting a photoshoot goal of simply creating content that was outside our comfort zones. Shaul is well known for his fx, kabuki and drag makeup and was very interested in playing around with a more ethereal yet graphic style. The original color scheme of the picture included bright yellow but after analyzing the material, we perceived a deep feeling of intimacy and nostalgia that made us opt for a light blue scheme for the end result of the retouch.”

“To become the past is to become art.”

Susan Sontag

Model Jeronimo Guez @jereguez represented by Seagencia @seagencia photographed by Fernando Bruno @picusgram, makeup by Shaul Rivas @shaulrivas in San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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