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Toro by Cristóbal Velasquez

The photographer Cristóbal Velasquez @cvrphoto, who works as a freelance creative at Medellin, Colombia with different fashion brands and advertisements, presents this beautiful fashion editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online with the handsome model Santiago Toro @santiagotorom represented by New Icon Models @newiconmodels.

The team wanted to show the sublime side of male fashion photography, playing with shadows and textures, capturing the soul of the model as a whole, and showing different parts of the model. “We wanted to explore his beauty within a different concept. Juan Pablo Velez Espinosa @juanpablovelez29, the producer, guided us on a well-constructed idea, in which we ended up capturing a more natural a subtle side of the model, making him feel comfortable and spontaneous,” says the photographer.

The photographer used a Canon EOS 5S Mark III, and he mainly focused on the exploration of that other side of photography, working with poses, shadows, etc, something really different from commercial shootings, that is what the photographer usually does. In charge of the styling was Juan Pablo Velez Espinosa @juanpablovelez29 who created that confident and sexy look geeked with old-school nostalgia that the photographer liked for this editorial. The makeup was the work of Maritza Arbelaez @ohmariz_mua, and the hair was done by Valentina Franco @valenmakeupdesigner. They both did an amazing job because they created really iconic looks but keeping it simple and sophisticated. The model was wearing costumes by Atelier Malade @atelier_malade and Eriko Menswear @eriko.menswear, classic and simple but gorgeous pieces at the same time that perfectly show the main idea of this fashion editorial.

Model Santiago Toro @santiagotorom represented by New Icon Models @newiconmodels photographed by Cristóbal Velasquez @cvrphoto styled and produced by Juan Pablo Velez Espinosa @juanpablovelez29 makeup by Maritza Arbelaez @ohmariz_mua hair by Valentina Franco @valenmakeupdesigner costumes by Atelier Malade @atelier_malade and Eriko Menswear @eriko.menswear in Medellin, Colombia. Exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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