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Top 3 K-pop Tracks of February 2022

February brought on plenty of K-pop drops, and unsurprisingly, various generations of women in the industry delivered the month’s most memorable hits worth adding to your playlist.

From the return of SM’s legendary vocalist Taeyeon (courtesy of her recent INVU) to the anticipated return of the esteemed group Apink, or, even Billlie’s ability to put themselves on the map, there’s plenty of brilliance to cherish – as these women have undoubtedly closed out the month on top.

Taeyeon is a star in every sense of the word, but in 2022 alone she’s dropped her solo return INVU, and appeared in the all-star lineup of GOT the Beat, becoming the propper depiction of K-pop potential for the year. Her new title track is something that the singer has openly stated she personally pushed for as a single – creating a magical world (through image and sound) where Taeyeon reigns as the goddess the world knows her to be. With a track like “INVU”, the Girls Generation / GOT the Beat member, and soloist has easily confirmed that 2022 is quite possibly the year of Taeyeon.

2021 K-pop rookie group Billlie entered the scene with a modest, yet notable start, creating their own sound that feels very different from current fourth-gen styles. Now, Billlie is using their recent comeback to double down on the risks their willing to take in order to discover (well-earned) success. The group’s new track has an infectious pop-music ambiance that when met with its electronic/hip-hop edge, results in one of the best tracks of the year so far. That, and its recent social media reception for Tsuki’s unforgettable display of performance expressions has made this a perfect era for the enthusiastic rookie talents.

The synthy-retro revival of Apink has earned the longtime group a win on the music program The Show, and the hearts of their fans (as well as brand new listeners over a decade later). The newest album Horn features “Dilemma” as its lead single, with a unique dance beat and use of bass that has the ability to inspire second, third, and fourth listens throughout your day. Or maybe that’s just us… Either way, there’s no dilemma about loving Apink’s recent bop.

By: Aedan Juvet @aedanjuvet

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