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Tetrad by Witold Lewis

Underwear. Calvin Klein
Underwear. Calvin Klein | Jeans. Topman
Underwear. Calvin Klein | Jeans. Topman
Jeans. Topman, Vintage & Zara | T-shirts. Topman Vintage & Calvin Klein
T-shirt. Vintage | Underwear. Calvin Klein
T-shirt & Jeans. Calvin Klein
Jeans. Topman
Jeans &  T-shirt. Topman,
Jeans. Vintage & Topman
Jumpers. Calvin Klein | T-shirt. Topman

Photographer Witold  Lewis (@witoldlewis) and stylist Elwira Korus share this exclusive editorial titled ”Tetrad” featuring AMCK models Ben Jordan, Harvey James, Mac Phiri and Charlie Kennedy at Established models. In exclusive for Vanity Teen online!