SOUTH2 WEST8 Reels in Spring/Summer 2024 with Fly-Fishing Inspired Collection SOUTH2 WEST8 Reels in Spring/Summer 2024 with Fly-Fishing Inspired Collection Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

SOUTH2 WEST8 Reels in Spring/Summer 2024 with Fly-Fishing Inspired Collection

Unleashing a Maximalist Expression of Function and Design in Fashion

Embracing the Tenkara Art of Fly-Fishing

Japanese fashion label SOUTH2 WEST8, inspired by the streets of its Sapporo flagship store, has crafted a niche by focusing its aesthetic on the ancient art of fly-fishing, “Tenkara.” The brand has carefully woven this inspiration into a modern wardrobe, offering a lineup that merges functionality with an eye-catching design. In its Spring/Summer 2024 collection, the brand pushes boundaries with a maximalist approach, featuring an array of patterns and vibrant colors.

A Collection Driven by Utility

Functionality steers the direction of the collection, which features an expansive selection of outerwear, shirting, bottoms, shorts, and accessories—all with a nod to the art of Tenkara. Quarter-zip pullovers boast camouflage prints and multi-pocket coats echo these designs for unobtrusive nature escapades. Workwear shirts pop in bright monotone hues, sweaters showcase all-over triangular patterns, and several button-downs favor flannel finishes.

The Details: Practical and Stylish

Along the collection, checkered trousers equipped with ample pockets provide storage for fishing gear. Straight-legged chinos make an appearance in an array of subdued colors. Shorts span the spectrum from maximalist camo to minimalist subtle tones. The collection concludes with a selection of tie-dye pieces, including collared shirts and shorts, delivering a kaleidoscopic finale to this explosive collection.

Await the Spring/Summer 2024 Release

While SOUTH2 WEST8 hasn’t yet revealed the launch timeline for its Spring/Summer 2024 lineup, the fashion label’s lookbook offers an enticing preview. The collection’s bold take on the blend of utility and design makes a unique statement that fans of the brand and fashion-forward individuals alike will anticipate.

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