Submissions Rules 

First of all, thanks for your interested in publishing on Vanity Teen.

We want to share with you some rules that will help you know how we work and how we make things easier.

We receive hundreds of proposals every day, so in order to have a better personalized experience, we suggest you the following rules.

  1. SEND PREVIEWS. Before you send a proposal for our digital edition, please do NOT send the download link directly through we transfer. Don’t forget to send a preview in low-res JPEG so we can check it, and we will communicate with you if we’re interested.
  2. CREDITS. These credits must include the staff names and roles, models, agencies, clothing brands.
  3. We do NOT accept material that includes full nudes, smoking models, pictures that incite violence, racism or xenophobia. 
  4. It’s important that models have legal representation or agency. We won’t publish a model that do not have this legal representation.



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