​5 questions to Jhona Burjack


Who are you?
Hi! I’m Jhona, 20 years old, student and model from Brazil.

How did you start your career as model?I’ve been introduced in a model agency here in Brazil. They put me in contact with a great photographer to work on my portfolio.

That’s how an agency in Milano noticed me. They really wanted to meet me there in Italy. I’ve been lucky as I signed quickly with them. It has been the real beginning of my international carreer there, 8 months ago.

Milano or London, where would you like to live?

Oh it’s a really hard question as I really appreciate both cities.

In Milano, the food is amazing and people are so kind.

I just discovered London with LC:M and I liked the city straight away. I have great opportunities in London.

Both cities are great places to work as a model but if I could I would love to live in London.

What are your favorite brands?
I wish I could work for Givenchy, Armany or Dolce & Gabbana. Last Calvin Klein’s campaign is amazing as well.

But here in London I was on Bobby Abley and Siblings’ catwalk. These are two great brands I really enjoyed working with!

Your favorite app?
Instagram! On Insta I can follow all brands I appreciated. All my friends are there too.

The best thing about Brazil?
The carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Youvreally have to see it!! Also you have to move your body on Samba’s vibe!

Photography and exclusive interview by Antonio Eugenio

Jhona Burjack is signed with AMCK London.

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