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Pinokio Beauty by Karolina Golis

Warsaw-based freelance photographer Karolina Golis @karolina_golis who is mainly focused on fashion and beauty photography believes in timeless values like simplicity and elegance that reflect her personal projects. She presents this amazing fashion editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online!

To bring this idea to life, she worked with the models Bruno, Edyta, Filip G @kambion159, Filip M-O @filipmo, Jagoda @jagodaporebska, Oliwia @skupwyslodkow, and Weronika @drevvno represented by Pinokio Models @pinokiomodels. Inspired by the changing concept of beauty, the photographer wanted to represent this diversity of meaning by working with seven different models with different beauty traits, body shapes, and ages to pose for a series of portraits.

We live in a world where pretty faces are no longer a must. The world is adapting, redesigning, and transforming itself. We seek different feelings, features, and individualism. To raise glasses to this notion I’ve asked 7 models in different shapes and ages to pose for a portrait. At the first sight you may not see anything in common but what I think they share is a new definition of beauty.

This editorial was shot using a digital camera Nikond810 with two lenses, one of 24-70mm and the other of 85mm in Pinup studio in Warsaw using only natural light to keep the idea of natural features. In charge of the makeup was Anastazja Redchyts @redchytss and hair is the work of Patrycja Michera @micherabeauty assisted by Szymon Grecko @szymon_gre. They did an amazing job showcasing the essence of the editorial that celebrates beauty in all forms and shapes, confirming that the concept of beauty changes all the time.

Bruno, Edyta, Filip G @kambion159, Filip M-O @filipmo, Jagoda @jagodaporebska, Oliwia @skupwyslodkow, Weronika @drevvno represented by Pinokio Models @pinokiomodels photographed by Karolina Golis @karolina_golis makeup by Anastazja Redchyts @redchytss hair by Patrycja Michera @micherabeauty assistant Szymon Grecko @szymon_gre. Exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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