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Nasir Mazhar X Topman Collection

#topmanxnasirmazhar British menswear label Nasir Mazhar teams up with high fashion retailer Topman on a collection that consists of five looks deconstructed in ten pieces infused with the characteristic aesthetic of the East London label.

Granting a greater access to a wider audience, since the pieces that conform the collection come at affordable prices that ranges from £25 to £80 [$30-$105], the collection includes tracksuits, sweatshirts, shorts, jogging pants, and bombers in hues like powder blue, baby pink, black and white, with some pieces embroidered with the classic Nasir Mazhar logo .

As the designer stated: ‘My vision for the brand has always been that everyone should be able to have my pieces in their wardrobe…Working with Topman has made it possible for me to bring my aesthetic to customers in an exciting and more accessible way. With this in mind, amazing pieces you want to put on then and there were at the forefront of my mind while designing. I was also thinking about forward thinking teens, an energy that’s optimistic and energised but also boisterous. The capsule has something for playing sport, something for the rave, something for the pool’

Set to be launched on September 6th, the Nazir Mazhar x Topman collection will be available online at Topman and in selected retail stores on September 8th.

Visit Topman to stay updated about the launch of this exclusive collection.