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Fashion Week

Maison Margiela SS´17

Maison-Margiela_ss17_vteen30 Maison-Margiela_ss17_vteen17 Maison-Margiela_ss17_vteen4 Maison-Margiela_ss17_vteen20 Maison-Margiela_ss17_vteen5 Maison-Margiela_ss17_vteen25 Maison-Margiela_ss17_vteen1 Maison-Margiela_ss17_vteen21 Maison-Margiela_ss17_vteen6 Maison-Margiela_ss17_vteen26 Maison-Margiela_ss17_vteen10 Maison-Margiela_ss17_vteen14 Maison-Margiela_ss17_vteen22 Maison-Margiela_ss17_vteen27 Maison-Margiela_ss17_vteen11 Maison-Margiela_ss17_vteen15 Maison-Margiela_ss17_vteen23 Maison-Margiela_ss17_vteen19 Maison-Margiela_ss17_vteen8 Maison-Margiela_ss17_vteen13 Maison-Margiela_ss17_vteen28 Maison-Margiela_ss17_vteen12 Maison-Margiela_ss17_vteen16 Maison-Margiela_ss17_vteen24 Maison-Margiela_ss17_vteen2 Maison-Margiela_ss17_vteen9 Maison-Margiela_ss17_vteen29 Maison-Margiela_ss17_vteen3 Maison-Margiela_ss17_vteen7 Maison-Margiela_ss17_vteen18

Maison Margiela Spring/Summer 2017 Paris Fashion Week.

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Maison Margiela ‘Avant-Première’ Spring-Summer 2022 presentation during the Paris Fashion Week. Collection by J Galliano @JGallianoPhotography by Luis Alberto Rodriguez @luisalbertorodriguezstudioStyling by Tom Guinness @tom_guinness Take a...


Maison Margiela Co-ed Spring-Summer 2022 Collection CREATIVE DIRECTOR John Galliano DIRECTED BY Olivier Dahan PRODUCED BY Christophe Starkman ARTISTIC IMAGE DIRECTOR Alexis Roche DIRECTOR...

Fashion Week

Coming to the end of the haute couture fashion week, the collections presented during the two (+1) days of the event brought the best...

Editor picks

Maison Margiela may have been the label that, along with Bottega Veneta, kickstarted the pillow bag trend that influencers, celebs and star-struck laymen alike...