Lucky Blue Smith

With more than 220,000 followers on twitter, signed and approved by Next Models management in Los Angeles and with an attractive personality Lucky Blue Smith has made an indelible mark upon his teen followers.

He began his first debut in modeling when he was a teen and with his new striking face he made many appearances on many model hunt shows. His charming physic, blue eyes, blonde hair graced the cover picture of Visual Tales and he has been also featured in the short advertisement of Calvin Klein.

Lucky blue smith for Calvin Klein

As an Instagram popular model, he is quite famous for the teenage girls and is also considered as the heartthrob among the girls. Within a short span of time, he has acquired too many fans to count. His devotees are diverse and global; his fans are pretty obsessed with him. On social media alone his photos are been immensely tagged and where some of them are expressing their love by sharing his pictures. According to the resources, his Instagram posts is spreading like a rapid fire and consists around 14%-15% followers of the whole social media which is just astounding.

Furthermore, you can also check out his new avatar in many popular magazines. Recently he has been compared to River Phoenix and Young Brad Pitt. The best news for Lucky is, he is not only followed by social brands, but people in real life also adore him mainly young girls. Unlike traditional actors and actresses who do not like to share their private lives with their followers Lucky, on the contrary, is quite open and likes to interact with his fans. He is also planning to form a band with his sisters. He says that he is interesting in all acting, modeling, and singing.   Apart from being so popular Lucky bears a compassionate heart for his fans. He is quite thankful and surprised at heart to witness the overwhelming reactions by his followers and also promises not to change himself even if he gets famous.