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Lee and Tian by Julia Dimitrova

Portugal-based photographer Julia Dimitrova @julieewildd presents this gorgeous fashion editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online with the gorgeous models Lee Mendonca @lee_mendonca_ and Tian Chen @tianle_chen represented by We Are Models @weare_models.

For these two photoshoots that the photographer did with these two gorgeous models, the main idea was to keep things simple, to put the focus on the models’ personalities and their inner selves. “Sometimes I feel like there is a millisecond where a moment presents itself and allows me to capture it,” she says. “I love seeing these sparks in people, it’s almost like a whole new world unfolds before my eyes.”

“My idea was simply to catch moments “in-between”, the movement of the body, and the light within. No words are needed, just emotions. The results turned out even better than expected.”

“What about the moments of silence.
what about the moments of peace.
the ones you just look up and you look within.
the ones that need no explanation, nor form to shape.

Is it possible to capture souls? I don’t mean with
bare hands in cage but rather like a ray of sun through
window glass, and a floating feather on a river flow,
like the rain inside a heavy cloud, and the moth embraced
by its cocoon of silk.

To see what’s left unseen, the pure, the raw, the you

Julia Dimitrova

The equipment used was a camera Fujifilm xt-2 with a 23mm lens and natural light, and the shooting took place in Studio 3.11, LX Factory, Lisbon.

Models Lee Mendonca @lee_mendonca_ and Tian Chen @tianle_chen represented by We Are Models @weare_models, photography and art direction by Julia Dimitrova @julieewildd, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

Text edited by Adrian Gomis @adriange_

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