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Koshino’s collection in Virtual Reality

Feel the new Koshino’s collection in an impressive VR experience!

That’s how the japanese designer, who just celebrated her 30 years in the industry, released her last look book : in an impressive VR experience that brings you in the heart of the collection.


Michiko Koshino is the prolific designer behind the unisex streetwear brand of the same name, with a long cultural heritage as one of the influencers of the London 90’s club scene. Widely known for her innovation, quality and iconic trend-starting pieces, the designer keeps innovating with the release of her last fashion film-lookbook in a VR experience directed by Michael Coppola. Called Modern Warriors, models are executing an incredible choreography in rhythm with music by Aeph.

Less talk, more action : put your VR gear on and let’s take a look here.

Director: Michael Coppola
Production: Evelyn Tsekoura

Executive Producer: Alex Fakso

Assistant: Tiziana Di Giacomo

Choreographer: Rosie Whitney-Fish

Music by Aeph


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