« Welcome to my crib! » That’s how the Zurich-based designer, Julian Zigerli, welcome us while his unusual presentation at Paris Men’s Fashion Week.
It’s on two floors Parisian flat that Zigerli’s friends introduced the FW17 collection is the coolest way ever. Around a beer, playing on a puzzle, watching Disney movies or eating a pizza lying on a bed. Well, you are in a house party!
Representing the guilty pleasure of the heart – what we all desire, but never admit, Julian Zigerli’s FW17 collection is for the supa cool teenager (and more) who want to spend all day long in comfy but funny clothes. The designer collaborates with the Zürich-based graphic trio, MOIRÉ to create a series of prints: tartans made with domestic copy machines, bra tied brick walls reformed into an original camouflage and a graphically manipulated leopard print complete with a hidden face – another nod to the cat.

And how to end up at a house party? Around some live music, by singer Laskaar, showing your best moves.

Photography by Antonio Eugenio.

Designer Julian Zigerli lying around his models from his FW17 mens and womens wear collection.