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Jalouse magazine introduces Lucky Blue Smith Jalouse magazine introduces Lucky Blue Smith Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

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Jalouse magazine introduces Lucky Blue Smith

Hailey Got Lucky Blue - Jalouse Magazine (4)The French magazine brings another new face in the industry. The shoot of April 2015 cover of Jalouse magazine introduces two fresh faces. The experienced photographer and designers made the successful shoot with the promising models. This can arouse noise in the market for the phenomenal results. From the dress and makeup to the hair and light all are equally commendable and enough powerful to catch the look of common and intellectual as well.

The French publication has a vast access area so that their magazine is trading almost all around the world. The level of their work is very high so that it makes a place in the bigger platform.

The shoot took place with Alexei Hay, a brand name in the world of photography. The other tools came to be attached to the shoot in a timely fashion. The most experienced professionals made the shoot in the studio a remarkable and memorable event. Hailey Baldwin accompanied by Lucky Blue, were the leading faces in the shoot.

The shoot started with one of the best photographer Alexei Hay. The other tools attached to the shoot in perfect times. This mainly held in the studio and became remarkable with the help of experienced people. The two models are Lucky Blue Smith and Hailey Baldwin. They are very talented as pure as those people who were present at the shoot. The spontaneity and intellect are present in them as well as the smartness. They are capable of adapting something with the situation which helps the speed of works. If there are any changes of planning and any difficult situation arouse then these two models can mix them with those changes. They get the help of experienced persons in this shoot also.

The program became successful for a group of people. They are the backbones of the shoot and without them the result can’t reach in this level. At first the phenomenal photographer Alexei

Hay took the huge part to make the event thriving. Then the other pillar of this shoot is the stylist Jennifer Eymere. The innovative hair on the cover picture set by Dennis Lanni. Then the last but ot the least Vincent Quendo did the fantastic makeup. There are some little flaws during the shoot, but those are part of the game. These people didn’t take that in considerable level so that the shoot happened in the right atmosphere.

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