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Jacquemus’s @jacquemus Spring/Summer 2021 collection, named L’Amour, was shown in a pretty unique runway show in a wheat field in the French Vexin Regional National Park, about an hour outside Paris. Even though the SS20 collection was also shown in a similar landscape with more or less the same dynamics, both scenarios really speak the French Provence fantasy, as Jacquemus always knows how to choose the show’s locations.

Evoking the most romantic side of Jacquemus, the wood plank runway ran 600 meters long through the wheat field and the 100 guests who assisted to the show sat in wooden chairs hugged by the wheat, creating a very pleasing aesthetic.

During a pre-show interview, Jacquemus said he wanted his collection to talk of love and celebration, “like a simple country wedding or a harvest festival” with Provençal references such as ceramics, a poem by Miro, a corner of a grandmother’s tablecloth, and a colander of cherries.

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