Model Roy @romitmaster from Mannequin Studio @mannequinstudio.
photographed by Rory King @kingroary

King presents his most recent work “The Untouched”,a collaboration with model Roy from Mannequin Studio. The Untouched explores the nuances of an individual’s lived experience as one journeys from final light of sunset, till darkness of night. Here the world of experience shifts is dramatically shifted away from the objective physical, social and material worlds. Instead, experience becomes an abstract embodiment of subjective world, where the visceral, psychological and sensory dominate a whole new realm of fantasy and imagination. Here constructs of time and place are insignificant; all that matters: the maximization of individualistic pleasure. Human beings are essentially self-serving opportunities, instinctive creatures that seek to optimize the hedonic value of sensory pleasure.  As the world metamorphoses from the public to the private sphere, one is liberated from boundaries of routine, mundane reality. Fantasy becomes our Reality, Darkness our Light. It is precisely the opportunity of immersive self-exploration that is most gratifying, the thrill of momentous subversion, and contact with anti-structure. We come into terms with a whole new dimension of experience.  Such  is“The Untouched”.