We all have close friends, right? We don’t have the same type of relationship with everyone, so naturally not everything we post on our social media will get the same response from all of our followers, that’s the reason why Instagram released the “Close Friend” option on our follower’s list.

The Close Friend option allows us to share Instagram Stories to a specific group of people on a custom list we make from those accounts we follow.

It is depicted as a green circle with a white star in the middle next to the profile picture of the account we want to mark as a Close Friend.

When someone that has already marked us on their Close Friend list uploads a Story only for their Close Friends we will see his profile picture on the Stories section with a green ring around instead of the typical pink ring, and we will see the icon of the Close Friends on the Story when we’re watching it.

Making a Close Friends list

To set up your Close Friends list you have to go to your profile settings and tap the three lines button on the top right corner and select the option, which is depicted as three lines with stars on the left.

You will now see Your List option and the Suggestion options, the last one has recommended people to add but you can search for a specific person in the Search bar. After you have some people on your list, you can remove them by tapping on the Remove button on Your List option.

However, if you upload a story and you tap the Close Friends icon but you don’t have a list yet, you can make by adding people from a list that will pop up and they will be able to see the story right away.

People will not receive notifications about being added or removed from the list and only the users are able to manage their own list, nobody can request it.

The Close Friends list has no limit and can be used if your account has turned into a business account.