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Hangin’ Tough by Luke Hardcastle

British beauty photographer now based in Alicante, Spain, Luke Hardcastle @lukeh.photo presents Hangin’ Tough, a fashion editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online with the handsome models Fernando Martinez @fernandomartinezcal, Seku Diamanka @cheikhdiamanka11, Alberto Morillas @hijodeladuda represented by Monroe Models @monroemodels.

This editorial was inspired by hyper-masculinity, rough around the edges with some Y2K influences. In essence, the models are just “playin’ tough” by conforming to their stereotypical gender roles perpetuated by hyper-masculinity, and in the second part they are “hangin’ tough”, a reference to the slang term used to describe someone who is firmly resolved.

In this second part, the team played with an editorial aesthetic and the feminine side of masculinity. “We consider that cis-males play an important role in breaking gender stereotypes by embracing their femininity and queer side, helping to shape a new normal for masculine identities, free and comfortable with themselves.”

In this part, the team wanted to highlight rudeboy, Y2K style vibes but incorporate feminine elements into the overall styling in order to create a neo futuristic, hyper-sexualized, queer punk aesthetic.

“We feel the fact that we used the same gym also as the set for this look created a juxtaposition, in essence as though the editorial is a metaphor for a battle against hyper masculine stereotypes.”

The equipment used for the shoot was a Canon 6D Mark II with a lens of 24-70mm f2.8, Yongnuo flashes, Neewer flash triggers, Neewer translucent and silver umbrellas, Neewer light stands, and colored gels and it took place at Gimnasio Rehi.

The models are wearing two different total looks. The first one from Asos with Balenciaga, Nike, and Crocs footwear, with the stylist’s own accessories and sunglasses, and the Second look features articles from Pedro Lobo @pedrolobo, a local designer from Murcia, Spain with Louis Vuitton boots and Asos sandals, sunglasses from Palomo Spain and Asos.

The models were cast for these editorials because of their very strong personalities, as well as strong physiques. The models enjoyed the shoot and felt confident and powerful which we hope comes across in the images and overall project.

Models Fernando Martinez @fernandomartinezcal, Seku Diamanka @cheikhdiamanka11, Alberto Morillas @hijodeladuda represented by Monroe Models @monroemodels photographed by Luke Hardcastle @lukeh.photo styled by Javier Navia @javionavia, makeup, and hair by Nuria Olivares @nuriaolivaresmaquilladora and Isabel Pedregosa @__beautycherry from @nuriasendra_escuela, in Gimnasio Rehi @gimnasiorehi. Exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

Words by Adrian Gomis @adriange_

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