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Givenchy pre-fall 2016 Givenchy pre-fall 2016 Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine


Givenchy pre-fall 2016

givenchy-menswear-pre-fall-2016-look-015 givenchy-menswear-pre-fall-2016-look-014 givenchy-menswear-pre-fall-2016-look-013 givenchy-menswear-pre-fall-2016-look-012 givenchy-menswear-pre-fall-2016-look-011 givenchy-menswear-pre-fall-2016-look-010 givenchy-menswear-pre-fall-2016-look-009 givenchy-menswear-pre-fall-2016-look-008 givenchy-menswear-pre-fall-2016-look-007 givenchy-menswear-pre-fall-2016-look-006 givenchy-menswear-pre-fall-2016-look-005 givenchy-menswear-pre-fall-2016-look-004 givenchy-menswear-pre-fall-2016-look-003 givenchy-menswear-pre-fall-2016-look-002 givenchy-menswear-pre-fall-2016-look-001Riccardo Tisci presents pre-fall 2016 menswear collection Givenchy. (Berlin, Germany)

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