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Gabrielle Gratti by Stephanie Vera Samaniego

The Mexican visual artist Stephanie Vera Samaniego @stephanieverasamaniego, who has become interested in fashion and portrait photography, has created this beautiful editorial exclusively for Vanity Teen online.

The beauty and nature of personal stories are her main interests and this time she worked with the handsome model Gabrielle Gratti @ohwjohnny, an Italian fashion model who started his career when he was sixteen years old. He is now represented by Universe Scout Street Hunting @universescoutandstreethunting, Polis Model Agent @polisview and New Icon Models @newiconmodels.

This story had beauty as the principal element, seen as a quality that transcends the aesthetic because it is found in each of us in the most everyday stories, all this through a natural and fluid history told through the lens. Gabrielle, through some extra elements, sought to highlight the context of a custodian story, fun, and natural.

In this series of photographs, the photographer sought to document Gabrielle’s sensuality and naturalness, having as a basic concept beauty through which they seek to tell a simple, free and fine story in which Gabriele is the protagonist. This narrative tells us a playful story between the model and the photographer, making a journey through very little few elements but preserving the strength of the model as a point of emotion and beauty.

It was shot using a Canon EOS 60D and Godox studio lights in the studio of the agency New Icon Models. Based on the mood-board, the clothes used were basic and monochromatic garments that allowed them to give adequate importance to the presence, emotion and beauty of the model. However, they used some accessories that highlighted the context in which the photographs were taken.

Model Gabrielle Gratti @ohwjohnny represented by Universe Scout Street Hunting @universescoutandstreethunting, Polis Model Agent @polisview and New Icon Models @newiconmodels photographed by Stephanie Vera Samaniego @stephanieverasamaniego

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