Frozen Star” is an exclusive story between Ukrainian designer Jean Gritsfeldt (I.G. @jeangritsfeldt) and Photographer Dasha Soroka (I.G. @dariiasoroka) staring models Iwan Zinchenko (I.G. @prawdaiwan), Andrey Kokura (I.G. @_imya__polzovatelya) at 5th Avenue Model Management, Stas Sirchenko (I.G. @stanislovestory), Kira S at 1313 Agency (I.G. @1313agency) wearing clothing by the designer along jewelry by the designer for Art Vivace Jewelry (I.G. @artemxlemeshko). The background of the story as the team described it:

”The nature and environment in which we are born and live is something ancient and unexplored to the end, with its own system of coordinates, laws and riddles. The story uses the symbol of ice and mirror as something unshakable, but at the same time as the subject to human and climatic changes. Ice here is an arena for the struggle, determining the strong and the weak, the champion and the defeated.”

Makeup by Anna Skuridina (I.G. @skamakeup). Hair by Stas Sirchenko (I.G. @stanislovestory). Style assistant and muse: Artem Lemeshko

Exclusive for Vanity Teen!