Filip Cermak by Lucie Vyslouzilova Filip Cermak by Lucie Vyslouzilova Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Filip Cermak by Lucie Vyslouzilova

Photographer Lucie Vyslouzilova, Luce Photography @lucietheluce has created this fashion editorial exclusively for Vanity Teen online with the model Filip Cermak @filip_cermak_ represented by Jaro Men&Kids @jaromenkids_agency in Preciosa Flagship Store in Prague @preciosalighting.

In charge of the stying was Pavel Visnovsky @visnovskypavel, who brought a perfect combination of pieces with pieces from Loram, a necklace by Preciosa @preciosajewellerydecoration, rings by Anezka Juhova @anezkajuhova, and a pink shirt by Mimieux @mimieuxofficial.

“When preparing this editorial shooting, we were super inspired by the location, the amazing Preciosa flagship store. The Czech brand Preciosa is known for the production of crystal glass products and its history dates back to the 16th century. Our intention was to underline iconic designs such as the historical Maria Theresa chandelier and other significant pieces, to combine Czech tradition and Czech fashion and to present them, together with Filip’s talent, in this dreamy editorial.”

“We do our best to create outputs that have a high level of world format and we believe Vanity recognizes great work. Therefore it’s a huge satisfaction and a reward for our team to be published in a magazine of this class.

“We chose a model who matches the location and concept. We chose Filip, who is an experienced face now represented by JARO men&kids agency. Thanks to his calm nature and sufficient degree of masculinity, we were allowed to use stylings that are not primarily intended for men. We picked established Czech designer brand Loram to collaborate on this editorial. The models are rich in cuts and colors, we combined different materials and styles to create a comprehensive fashion story. We didn’t mind some of the pieces being designated for women as we believe that the evolution of trends has made all variations acceptable.”

“Just as crystal chandeliers create beautiful lighting effects and add charm to interiors, direct sunlight was an indispensable part of the shoot. Although we were shooting inside, I needed to work with sunshine which emphasizes the beauty of Preciosa crystals. The goal was a dramatic vibe using the contrast of lights and shadows, to pass the audience a passion for light. Therefore the weather in the photo day was a crucial element. The store has windows facing south on the open street of Old Town. It was the disposition that allowed us to use sunshine for 3 hours, though intermittently because the weather was partly cloudy. And the results are wonderful!”

“When I say I want to photograph someone, what I really mean is that I’d like to know them.”

Annie Leibovitz

Model Filip Cermak @filip_cermak_ represented by Jaro Men&Kids @jaromenkids_agency photographed by Lucie Vyslouzilova, Luce Photography @lucietheluce styled by Pavel Visnovsky @visnovskypavel in Preciosa Flagship Store in Prague @preciosalighting, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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