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Faith Bishop: We All Need To Help Each Other To Be Successful In Life

Faith Bishop, a 17-year-old female model from the great state of Mississippi in the United States, tells us more about herself, her modeling journey and her ambitions, how she wants to help others with mental health issues by becoming a therapist and combining it with her modeling career.

Q: What made you start modeling in the first place? What motivated you to become a model?

A: I first did pageants for a few years and enjoyed being on the stage and modeling for the judges. When another model found my pictures on Facebook and asked if I wanted to model my mom helped me attend her programs and fashion shows to help grow my modeling career. My mom and I have had so much fun traveling, doing fashion shows, and photoshoots. The most important part of modeling is it has helped my self-esteem and confidence grow.

Q: How did you become a model and which is your biggest dream? 

A: I became a model by a chance happening when Victoria Henley saw my pictures on Facebook through a mutual friend. She asked me to come to her modeling courses and participate in her fashion show. I have been modeling ever since. I have participated in New York Fashion Week multiple times walking for Mila Hoffman, Melanie Caballero, and George and Ginger Pattern Company. I have met many amazing designers, models, photographers, and stylists in the last several years. I have also been on billboards for Supermodels Unlimited in New York Times Square, Miami, Colorado Springs, Myrtle Beach, and the Las Vegas Strip! I look forward to meeting more people in the future as I grow my talent.

Q: What do you enjoy the most about this job?

A: I enjoy meeting new people and learning more about modeling and photography. I am taking a photography class this fall. I hope this will help me improve my modeling techniques by knowing more of what the photographers are aiming to accomplish in the photo. I also love traveling to the different places that we have fashion shows and photoshoots.

Q: Besides modeling, what do you like doing? Do you have any hobbies or any hidden talents? 

A: My hobbies include reading, writing, drawing, art, and photography. I get so relaxed doing adult coloring books and practicing drawing techniques. I also enjoy being with friends, family, and my puppies Coco, Nugget, and Khloe. My mom and I love taking the dogs for rides in the car. They have so much fun!

Q: You plan to be a therapist. Why is it so important for you to help others with their mental health and why do you think it is important to talk about it? 

A: It is very important to me to help others with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression because I have suffered from these myself. It is important to talk to someone you trust when you are going through a difficult time. I want to be that person for other people when I establish my career as a therapist. Do not be afraid to share concerns with a licensed professional. There are so many people who do not get the help they need due to the fear of feeling “crazy”. Many times, it is these people who suffer in silence and can later commit suicide. If you ever think someone in your life is suffering from anxiety or depression encourage them to seek help and be supportive of them. Mental health problems are more prominent than people realize. We all need to help each other to be successful in life!

Q: How do you see yourself in a couple of years or how do your picture your future? 

A: In the next couple of years, I look forward to finishing high school and going to college. I plan on getting my bachelor’s degree and master’s degree to be a therapist for teens that are struggling with life. I want to continue to model in my spare time. I really enjoy modeling, but you always need a backup plan!

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