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Exclusive: Sage Management Spring/Summer 18

As men’s fashion weeks are around the corner, the opening act of every fashion week season are show packages: A set of show cards that agencies send to their clients and casting directors which serves as both a portrayal of the brands identity and its models’ lineup, and more than ever modeling agencies are exceeding not only on the diversity of their models allure (taking our understanding of beauty to a new level), but also on its level of creativeness they put on every show card. 
In exclusive for Vanity Teen, Sage Management @sage_mgmt , the Estonian agency with one of the strongest insights of the trendy currents in the fashion industry, shares with us its Spring/Summer 2018 video staring Argo Tali @argo.exe, Karl Markus @karlmarkusgauk, Mark @sn0ipper, Nikita Pikkas @nickpikkas, Oskar @ossonlahe, Sander @ise_olen, Tony @tonyharak and RobertMade by Aleksei Benuchi @aleksei.benuchi, the SS18 video features Altogether Lost by Empty Set. 
Be sure to follow Sage Management and their model’s Instagram accounts, and  be sure to keep an eye on their model army during the upcoming men’s fashion week season.
Argo  (IG: @argo.exe)
Karl (IG:  @karlmarkusgauk)
Mark (IG: @sn0ipper)
Nikita (IG:  @nickpikkas)
Sander (IG:  @ise_olen)
Tony (IG:  @tonyharak)