Evisen Skateboards Unleashes 2023 Summer Series Lookbook Evisen Skateboards Unleashes 2023 Summer Series Lookbook Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Evisen Skateboards Unleashes 2023 Summer Series Lookbook

Evisen Skateboards: Japanese Skate Brand Makes Its Mark

Founded by Japanese skateboarder Katsumi Minami, Evisen Skateboards has officially launched the Lookbook for its 2023 Summer Series, tracing back to its Japanese roots while introducing fresh clothing pieces that blend Japanese and Western aesthetics.

Cultural Elements Clash and Ignite Sparks

This season delves deeper into the sparks ignited by the dynamic interplay of cultural elements. Whether we consider individual products or photographic imagery, the series faithfully portrays the intention of the “New Era Samurai”, reshaping modern aesthetics.

Functional Design Meets Traditional Totems

The collection integrates outdoor functional design, American slack silhouettes, and street totems, merging Japanese traditions and body top styles. It also features summer-themed accessories such as beach towels, sunglasses, tattoo stickers, and more.

The aforementioned series will be available online on June 10. Interested readers are advised to stay tuned for this exciting launch.

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