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Evans Wiz Osaghae by Gabriele Rosati

Photography – Gabriele Rosati @gabrielerosati_
Styling – Jule Scott
Model – Evans Wiz Osaghae
Collection – Francesco Malandrini @cerf_bleu

This Editorial is a reflection of the struggles, emotions, fears, and anxieties we, as humankind, all share, and experience – even those usually hidden within.

Francesco Malandrini, the designer and winner of the Polimoda Prize 2019, who’s garments are featured in this submission are adorned by Flemish still life paintings from the 16th and 17th century which were printed on foam instead of traditional fabrics. This unique fabric choice gives the garments a unique, rigid structure and look. In conversation with the designer, he reveals that the foam, as well as the prints, were not purely chosen for aesthetic reasons, but represent feelings of anxiety. His collection, despite its colorful prints, is laced with a certain melancholy that stems from bouts of depressions that Francesco Malandrini has struggled with throughout his studies and has transformed within his work. Melancholia alongside the deepest, darkest thoughts within oneself has been a leading theme for the project we’d like to submit to you for online publication. The editorial that was shot entirely on film does not only focus on Malandrini’s garments but our friend and model Evans, after whom the project is named: “Evans, inside the herd”. During his research and about his collection Francesco Malandrini has stated: “It’s meant to be a reflection on human nature and mankind, with this idea that we’re just animals among other animals. It’s a matter of fact: We all share the same fate, which is death!”

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