e404 We Are Error 404 (I.G @e404_official), the emerging Russian streetwear brand by photographer Artem Bryukhov and illustrator Ksenia Cheremnova, shares in exclusive its latest story entitled ”Melancholy”.
Photographed by Duc Nguyen @duculya with makeup by Elizaveta Roldugina @elizaveta.roldugina featuring Alexei Mitrakov @mitrakovlm and Roman Dmitrienko @romadmitrienko, the editorial is true to the brand’s identity, lead by the concepts of nostalgia, colorfulness, childlikeness and irony. Under the styling of Tatiana Deryugina @tatianaderyugina, the story showcases the brand’s streetwear ”basics with a twist” from their last collection, including  spasibo hoodies, Vihod sweatshirts, пасспорт, vera and hot dog  t-shirts.
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About The Brand

e404WE ARE ERROR 404 is a Russian streetwear brand founded by Saint-Petersburg based photographer Artem Bryukhov and illustrator Ksenia Cheremnova. The designers follow the path that was well-trodden by naïve art artists, who were never afraid to use bold color palette supported by childlike mise-en-scènes.

”e404 is not about complicated design – it’s about bright colouring and contrasting prints inspired by the works of Kazemir Malevich, Alexander Rodchenko, Natalia Goncharova and Timur Novikov. The silhouettes are plain and a little bit rustic: hoodies and sweatshirts, training pants and loosy t-shirts.”