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Discover LAZOSCHMIDL Spring/Summer 2017

A label that started as a one-time project, is now a reference of the new wave of emerging design talents of Scandinavia.

LAZOSCHMIDL is a new Swedish/German label that explores teenage coming of age, with a very unique genderless aesthetic. It was founded by Josef Lazo and Andreas Schmidl and premiered their first collection in the Stockholm Fashion Week for the Spring/Summer season of 2015.

Josef and Andreas use a wide variety of fabrics in beautiful mélange that evoques an inviting classic look of the mid 20th century. This provoking intermixture of textures, animal print, flowery patterns and uniform colours create a sui generis youthful collection of garments, very different to what we’re used in Scandinavian fashion.

This year, they had the opportunity to be part of the Swedish Fashion Talents 2016 show, a project of the Swedish Fashion Council founded to promote new fashion designers and other emerging talents in Sweden.

LAZOSCHMIDL-SS17-fanzine-12-VT LAZOSCHMIDL-SS17-fanzine-04-VT


160805_Lazoschmidl-Fanzine_ss17_final5 LAZOSCHMIDL-SS17-fanzine-00-VT

160805_Lazoschmidl-Fanzine_ss17_final2 160805_Lazoschmidl-Fanzine_ss17_final4

Check more of their collection through their Tumblr

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