Creative Director: Andrea Ward @fashionstylistandrea.w
Styles by WTB @fashions_stylist_andrea_w
Model: Di.Va @divaofficial
Photography: JLC Imagery @jlcimagery 
Clothing: Ivan button style house 
Mua/Hair: Sherry Owens @beautybysherryo

Diandra Vaden, better known by her stage name “Di. Va”, is a Singer, Rapper, Songwriter, Model and Actress originally from Milwaukee, WI.  Di. Va got her name from her initials (the 1st two letters of her first and last name) and as Beyoncé put it, “Diva is the female version of a hustla”, Di. Va is a Go Getta! Di. Va has been singing since the age of 2, initially in the church choir and at the age of 9, she began songwriting and rapping. She didn’t grow up with much family support, but this didn’t stop her from winning all her local talent shows. At age 13, her song “Singing My Lullaby” was aired on her hometown’s #1 radio station V100.7 Jams and she also received radio play for her recent song “Secret” on 102.5 FM MKE Radio. Di.Va’s music videos for “Secret” and “Don’t Call” were both played on Milwaukee’s local music television channel: 414 Video Spotlight, and she has been featured on mixed tapes in Milwaukee and Atlanta. Di. Va does all genres of music, but mostly R&B, Pop and Hip Hop with influences such as Diana Ross, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Lil Kim, Lauryn Hill, Brandy, Aaliyah, Rihanna and Beyoncé. 

Di.Va hit a lot of speed bumps with her music, especially living in a small city such as Milwaukee with lack of opportunities, so she decided to become a Flight Attendant which allowed her to travel the World and live in different destinations such as Chicago, Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York, Baltimore, Las Vegas and currently Los Angeles. While being a Flight Attendant with the flexibility, Di. Va decided to put her eggs into multiple baskets and began modeling and acting as well. She has done extra roles in the Fox Tv show Empire as well as Sam’s Club commercial. Di. Va is currently being managed by DeMario Thornton also known as B2K’S Raz B and they are working on her new EP with upcoming songs such as “Rider”, “New Wave“ and “Birthday” featuring Raz B.