Vanity Teen

Boys in Flowers by Michael Oliver Love

Model and photographer Michael Oliver Love (@michaeloliverlove) shares in exclusive with Vanity Teen online!  Boys in Flowers, a personal portrait series featuring the diversity in which, as well as the distinct forms nature can come in the world,  masculinity and the varying definitions and forms in can come in, showing that it really has no definition


Wesley B (FanJam Model Management), Daniel D (Twenty Model Management), Toyin O (ICE Model Management) Alexander G (Twenty Model Management), Luke van der Burg, Kurt A (Twenty Model Management), Julien M (ICE Model Management), Innes M (BOSS Model Management), Francois V. (FanJam Model Management), Phillip O  (Twenty Model Management), Stuart D (Contact Model Management), Nicholas V G (Twenty Model Management). Clothing: Calvin Klein, Jockey, Guess and Levi’s.