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Balenciaga Unveils Pre-Collection Amidst Fashion Rebirth Balenciaga Unveils Pre-Collection Amidst Fashion Rebirth Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine


Balenciaga Unveils Pre-Collection Amidst Fashion Rebirth

A Fresh Take on Daily Wear with a Demna Touch

After a tumultuous year, Balenciaga has released its eagerly-awaited pre-collection lookbook, showcasing an array of daily wear essentials with the Demna signature. The collection’s launch marks a return to normalcy, as it comes during the brand’s traditional December release window.

Trends to watch: With Demna’s influence evident throughout, key trends from the collection include exaggerated suiting, couture-inspired shapes, and the return of rave jeans. The brand’s focus on tailoring is especially prominent, with double-breasted black blazers receiving unique makeovers through padding, cropping, and asymmetrical wrapping.

Casual chic: Balenciaga’s pre-season collections emphasize daily wear, and this lineup is no exception. Featuring oversized parkas, peacoats, trenches, fluid velvet sweatsuits in unexpected pastels, and denim in both raver and skinny cuts, the collection caters to a range of styles. Notable evening wear includes a body-conscious knit dress and a logo hoodie with a matching ankle-length skirt.

Accessorize with style: The collection’s accessories showcase an evolution of previous designs, introducing sportier versions of Le Cagole and Pantashoes with sultry fishnet overlays. Demna’s presence at the Met Gala, where he showcased a Balenciaga sneaker, hints at the brand’s continuing commitment to reinventing fashion.

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