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Balenciaga Breaks New Ground in the World of Academia

Balenciaga Makes Historic Move into Academia

In a unique departure from traditional clientele, luxury fashion house Balenciaga has made its first foray into the world of academia. Renowned French literary critic, writer, and professor Antoine Compagnon have commissioned Balenciaga for his “habit vert,” the ceremonial garb he wore for his recent induction into the Académie Française.

A Bespoke Suit for a Pioneering Academic

The distinctive “habit vert,” traditionally worn for this esteemed event, includes a black or navy suit beautifully embroidered with green and gold olive branches and features a ceremonial sword. This occasion marks the first time that Balenciaga, which reopened its couture line in 2021 after a 53-year hiatus, has been tasked with creating a bespoke suit for the academy since its founding by Cristóbal Balenciaga in 1917.

Balenciaga and Académie Française: A Historic Collaboration

Balenciaga’s involvement in this significant event is a source of pride for both the creative and executive sides of the brand. Balenciaga’s Creative Director, Demna, shared, “It is an honor for Balenciaga to have become for the first time a part of the Académie Française’s illustrious history by creating the habit vert for Monsieur Antoine Compagnon’s induction. We are proud to have been involved in this special occasion and to contribute to the legacy of the House of Balenciaga and its couture ateliers.”

Echoing this sentiment, Balenciaga’s CEO, Cédric Charbit, expressed pride in the collaborative spirit of this project. He noted the innovative blend of the house’s fashion-forward vision, the institutional Académie Française, and the association with Boucheron. The partnership displays the dynamic creative synergy within Kering, and the invaluable contributions from the different teams, especially the ateliers.

A New Chapter for Balenciaga

This historic collaboration between Balenciaga and the world of academia sets an exciting precedent for future innovative partnerships. As the fashion house continues to break new ground, we can only anticipate what’s to come from this legendary brand.

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