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Aedan Juvet

Aedan is the K-pop features editor and digital director for Vanity Teen Magazine, curating all K-pop content such as cover stories, interviews, and round-ups, for both digital and print editions. Email: Social Media: @AedanJuvet
k-pop release: aedan juvet k-pop release: aedan juvet

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As Spring is (almost) coming to a close, there’s been a refreshing wave of K-pop releases with a distinctive need for repetition. During this...

Woodz Digital Cover - Aedan Juvet Woodz Digital Cover - Aedan Juvet


WOODZ (@woodz_dnwm) is particularly reputable when it comes to demanding attention for his craft, but the singer-songwriter’s brand new mini-album Colorful Trauma activates his...

billlie billlie


The seven women of K-pop powerhouse Billlie (@billlie.official) unknowingly predicted their rise to fame, once casually introducing themselves by teasing, “Have you heard about...

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