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Andres Koma S/S16 Collection: Home of nature

Designer Andres Koma presents its S/S16 collection titled ’Home of nature’. Aesthetically inspired by traditional interior design and life style in Japan, the Washitsu (Japanese-style room) gives a strong impact of harmony, simplicity and serenity which inspired to create over-size silhouette, symmetrical balance, modernized details in menswear clothing. The wooden interior is concise while explicit, using natural materials to build a harmless environment. Merging livelihoods with the nature representing ‘The spirit of simplicity life’, this collection creates a new memoir of Japan culture.

Andres Koma is a contemporary menswear brand founded in 2015. ‘’Koma’’ comes from the Japanese word ’’Konomama’’ which means ‘’As it is’’. It is a motto of designer’s philosophies. For Andres Koma, clothing is not only display a personal style but also a media to recording memories, reflecting daily mood and inspiration for specific moment. The combination between classic and urban style create a unique pieces and details. The unexpected item is the media to memorizes ‘’this time’’ that we won’t forget.


Andres Koma S/S2016 COLLECTION – Home of nature – 
Photography:Dick WongThe Sumerian Studio | Makeup & Hair:Rachel Wong |Model:Arron S.